Service Appointment at Crown Eurocars of Dublin

Open Recalls

If you suspect you may have an open recall on your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, here's what you need to do to expedite the repair:

  1. Visit the manufacturer's recall website to determine if in fact you do have an open recall. Click here
  2. Once you have confirmed you do have an open recall, call us at 833-525-2264 to set up your appointment.
  3. IMPORTANT! We kindly ask you do this by phone and not online to ensure we have the specific part available. This way, we can get your recall fixed much quicker. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Auto Repair Service Near Columbus

Quickly schedule auto repair at Crown Eurocars' Mercedes-Benz service center using our user-friendly scheduling tool. Login to your account or choose to proceed as a guest, then select which of our high-quality products and services you would like. Our certified technicians have years of experience providing expert auto service, auto care and automotive repair. We offer every service your Mercedes-Benz may need including, but not limited to, oil change service, brake repair, headlights and taillights repair, service and pad replacement, alternators replacement, transmission repair and battery replacement. Schedule service for your vehicle at Crown Eurocars of Dublin today.

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