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Buying vs. Leasing

Your Car Dealership In Columbus Offers Multiple Ways To Hit The Road In Style

Shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle brings with it a lot of moving parts. In addition to finding the right make, model and best features, there's the question of how to most comfortably pay for it.

At Crown Eurocars of Dublin, we understand people have different agendas for the lifetime of the car they choose. Some want to buy it and hang on to it for the duration, while others may be more interested in having a vehicle as a lease for just a few years at a time.

There are distinct advantages to both approaches. For a better understanding of how the buying and leasing processes work, read on.

Buy It, Own It, Customize It

The most popular way to pay for a new or pre-owned vehicle in America is by buying it. We certainly understand that most people aren't just going to walk in and drop a credit card down for the entire amount. Instead, the buying process is often achieved through auto financing. If you have a car you would like to trade in and put the value toward your new car or even have a cash down payment to make, that will obviously cut down on what you are left to finance.

Until the vehicle is paid for in full via monthly payments, the lender retains control of the vehicle's title. The length of an auto loan will vary and, many times, can be paid off in as few as 3 years.

Among the advantages of buying your new vehicle is that, over time, equity could build up. Also, there is no set number of miles you are limited to and you are free to customize the vehicle as you wish.

Auto financing at our Mercedes-Benz dealership near Columbus, OH

Leasing Leaves The Door Open

If you're the type of person who prefers to not get into a long-term commitment with a vehicle and don't need to rack up large amounts of miles, a car lease could be a great option. Since you are not buying the vehicle, you would instead be paying for the depreciation of it during the length of your car lease, which makes for significantly smaller monthly payments than what a finance payment would be.

Two things to consider when you choose a car lease. The first is that there will be a limit to the number of miles you can put on the vehicle. If you plan to stick around the Columbus area, that shouldn't be an issue. Also, since you will be returning the vehicle after 2-3 years, you are not able to customize it. You drive it as is.

Whether it's in a new or pre-owned vehicle, many Columbus drivers are on the road today thanks to the option to lease. Keep in mind, when you lease, you can eventually switch plans towards ownership, lease another vehicle at the end of the term or just walk away with no strings attached. Learn more about car leases at Crown Eurocars of Dublin today.

Begin The Shopping Experience Online

Prefer to crunch numbers and study up on your options from home or the office? Join the many who get a head start online. On our website, you can learn more about the buying-versus-leasing process to help keep you within the parameters of any budget. There is also information about the car loan process, loan terms based on loan amounts and information about how credit scores and credit history play factors.

Not only can you see an extensive list of our new and used vehicles for sale, but an auto loan calculator can give you better peace of mind as you move forward.

Crown Eurocars of Dublin Finance Center Gives Clarity, Builds Confidence

Regardless of which road you take to get your new vehicle, at Crown Eurocars of Dublin, we are here to help. As a preferred Mercedes-Benz dealership, our financial advisors can help with all your finance needs to get you in one of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles you have always dreamed of owning.

Maybe a new Mercedes-Benz isn't for you. In fact, maybe a new vehicle isn't right for you. We know there are a lot of decisions to make. But, when it comes to financing the right vehicle for you, we aim to make it as comforting and enjoyable as possible. Our goal is to get you on the road sooner and with great peace of mind. Let us help you with all your financial needs, so you can schedule that test drive and then be on your way.

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