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mbrace®: A world of convenience & safety in the palm of your hands

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Mercedes-Benz models are equipped with technology that buyers will not find it hard to embrace. And such a feature that makes the experience of owning a Mercedes-Benz enjoyable and convenient has an appropriate name: mbrace®. The Mercedes-Benz mbrace® feature was first introduced in 2008 and just like fine wine, the technology has improved with age. Today mbrace® is continuing to make life easier for a Mercedes-Benz owner.

mbrace remote access - Crown Mercedes-Benz Dublin

Hand the remote

To use mbrace® owners don’t have to be inside their vehicle. The system is accessible through a smartphone app or computer. With the remote feature, owners can start the engine, turn on the heater or air conditioning system, and unlock or lock the doors. Owners can also locate their vehicle through a tracking feature, send addresses directly to their car’s navigation system and sound the horn. Owners can perform a remote diagnostic test using their smartphone or computer, schedule a service visit, and order parts through the feature.

mbrace parental control- Crown Mercedes-Benz Dublin

Safety and security

With Mercedes-Benz mbrace® there’s always someone there along the ride. You have the convenience of the first manufacturer offered roadside assistance. If there’s a flat tire or other problem occur, a member of the Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance team is dispatched to the location. In the event of a crash, mbrace® can immediately dispatches emergency services to the scene of the accident. Owners can also press the SOS button for on-demand emergency services. The parental control and valet protection features allow owners to create digital boundaries and speed limiters and receive notifications.*

mbrace travel assistance - Crown Mercedes-Benz Dublin

Travel assistance

Need information and help for an upcoming trip? mbrace® Concierge is your personal butler that’s there and at your service. The service can guide drivers to a location using turn-by-turn directions based on road conditions, find and book hotel stays, make restaurant reservations, give weather reports and other information. The Mercedes-Benz mbrace® system offers Internet radio and integrated apps. There’s no need to connect a smartphone to the car’s entertainment system because the apps are already there.

The best way to learn about Mercedes-Benz mbrace® is to experience it firsthand. Stop by your local Mercedes-Benz dealer in Dublin, Ohio for a demo and to test drive our lineup of exciting new vehicles.

* Roadside Assistance repairs may involve charges for parts, service and towing. Vehicle must be accessible from main roads. Depending on the circumstance, these services may be provided by an outside provider, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance. Restricted roadways, acts of nature and vehicle accessibility may limit our ability to provide services to you. For full details, eligibility requirements, and limitations/exclusions of Sign and Drive services, as well as the Roadside Assistance Program, please see your dealer.