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What are the Benefits of a Mercedes-Benz Wheel Alignment?

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Our Superior Mercedes-Benz Service Center

Crown Eurocars of Dublin not only offers a premier lineup of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, but also houses a modern Mercedes-Benz service center which comes equipped with an expert team of service technicians ready to handle any of your automotive needs ranging anywhere from major and minor auto repairs on all makes and models to routine maintenance.

Our team is trained to offer an extensive menu of auto repair services such as oil changes and tire rotations, transmission repair, engine work, and brake inspections. However, our team is particularly helpful with wheel service. Save on routine maintenance or proper wheel alignment service in Dublin, OH, with our monthly service specials. To hear more about our auto repair services, contact us or schedule service online today.

Why You Need Wheel Alignment Service in Dublin, OH

A wheel alignment ensures your vehicle is handling as it should be. Wheel service is typically needed if your vehicle is pulling to one side when you try to drive straight or if the steering wheel vibrates when you accelerate. More benefits of a Mercedes-Benz wheel alignment is longer lasting tires and maintenance of the fuel economy.

Wheel alignment service in Dublin, OH, includes modifying the vehicle’s inspection to check for proper alignment within the angle of your tires or wheels. There are three main areas our expert technicians check during wheel alignment service in Dublin, OH.

First, our team checks the camber, which is the outward or inward angle of your tire while looking at the front of your vehicle. Too much of a tilt can indicate an improper wheel alignment. Worn suspension parts, bearings, or ball joints can also affect the negative camber or positive camber.

Next, our technicians check the toe. The toe is the inward or outward angle of your vehicle’s tires when seen from above the vehicle. Your vehicle needs the vehicle alignment checked when it has toe-out or toe-in alignment.

Lastly, the caster is inspected. The caster is the angle of the steering access when viewed from the side of your vehicle. This aspect supports balance cornering, steering, and stability.

Noticeable Warnings You Need a Wheel Alignment

While our team guarantees to perform thorough wheel service whenever you stop in for routine maintenance, there may be instances in between visits which call for a Mercedes-Benz wheel alignment sooner.

A crooked steering wheel which veers to the left or the right even when the steering wheel is faced forward is an obvious sign that you need wheel alignment service in Dublin, OH. Also, if your vehicle’s tires wear too quickly or are uneven, wheel service might be needed. Another sign is if your tires squeal when you drive, which calls for a wheel alignment especially when the steering is noisy.

It is common to accidentally hit a curb or pothole, which can throw off your alignment. When approaching a pothole, a key strategy is to either veer away or take your foot off the brake. Doing this decompresses your vehicle’s suspension from the front wheels which allows it to absorb the impact, preventing a misalignment and potential struts or shock damage.

How to Schedule Wheel Alignment Service in Dublin, OH

Crown Eurocars of Dublin is committed to customer satisfaction, which is why we employ expert certified technicians who show passion for your vehicle’s maintenance no matter the make or model. Our dealership is also proud to offer the convenience of online service scheduling as well as pickup and delivery service whenever you need auto repairs.

Our Mercedes-Benz parts center also stocks our service center with the most genuine OEM parts. Trust our expert team to handle all of your automotive services and needs at Crown Eurocars of Dublin.

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