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The Ultimate Dealership for Mercedes-Benz Brake Repair

Our top-of-the-line dealership not only offers a unique offering of luxury vehicles, but also a team of highly trained expert technicians dedicated to maintaining the performance and luxury of your vehicle no matter the make or model. Expect perfection from our certified technicians as they perform a number of routine maintenance services such as car AC service, check engine light service, customization work, tire rotations, and oil changes as well as transmission repair.

Another one of our team’s specialities is Mercedes-Benz brake repair. Schedule brake service online or contact our helpful team right away if you believe that you may need brake service in Dublin, OH.

A Breakdown of Your Brake System

As one of the most important components of your vehicle, ensuring you still possess the ability to stop your vehicle instantly is crucial for peace of mind. Knowing how your brake system works will help you watch for future brake problems.

The brake calipers are designed to squeeze the brake pads directly against the brake rotors that allow for a complete stop. To stop the wheels from spinning, the brake pads, or the shoes of the brake system, grip the brake rotors to slowly bring your vehicle to a stop.

Also equipped in your brake system are hoses that carry fluid from the main brake line to the calipers which lubricates the system. Our expert service technicians perform full brake fluid flush service while also inspecting all brake components to check for leaks, deterioration, or cracks within these hoses.

Key Signs You Need Brake Service

An illuminating brake light or check engine light is the most common sign that you need brake service at our high-end Mercedes-Benz service center. During this inspection, our team will connect your vehicle to the diagnostic system in order to determine if a brake repair is needed or if there are any other issues within your vehicle.

Difficulty in stopping is another sign that Mercedes-Benz brake repair may be needed. Having to apply more pressure to the brake pedal, longer braking reactions, a wobbling or rocking sensation in your vehicle when you accelerate, vibrations on the steering wheel, or hearing a loud squealing, grinding, or scraping sound when stopping may signal a need for an inspection of the brake components.

Trust the team at our auto repair shop in Dublin, OH, to fully inspect all components such as the brake pads, rotors, and calipers in order to discover if you need a brake repair, a brake fluid flush, or even a brake pad replacement. To avoid any more potential damage to your brake system, schedule service immediately if you notice any of these signs.

Brake Service Recommended Schedule

Knowing the right time for brake service in Dublin, OH, can be difficult, but noticing any problems with the brakes is always a good time to reach out to our service experts. With each routine maintenance, your vehicle will receive a full brake inspection to prevent any future brake problems. On average, most vehicles require new brakes anywhere from every 30,000 miles to 60,000 miles.

Typically, your front brakes will wear out before the rear brakes, which is why our certified technicians will evaluate the wear and tear on your brake components to determine if there is any need for brake repairs. Brake service can be as simple as replacing the brake pads, which can wear down and cause other brake system components damage.

The usual timeline for a brake rotor replacement is by 70,000 miles. Our service technicians typically replace rotors two at a time, but a rotor replacement sooner than the recommended schedule can be caused by driving habits or rough road conditions.

Brake service in Dublin, OH, can also include a need for a brake fluid flush, which helps lubricate your system’s moving parts. A brake fluid flush includes adding fresh fluid during a brake fluid exchange and is suggested if there is any debris, particles, or sludge blocking the lubrication. Our expert service team only uses genuine OEM brake parts from our on-site Parts Center when performing all types of Mercedes-Benz brake repairs to improve brake performance

Schedule Brake Service Online in Dublin, OH

Contact the team at Crown Eurocars of Dublin immediately if you suspect potential brake problems. Our online scheduling platform conveniently allows you to pick a suitable day and time for your schedule. Do not wait to give your vehicle’s brakes the care it needs while you utilize our service and parts specials only offered at our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Dublin, OH.

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