KBB Value Your Trade

See What Your Vehicle Is Worth

It can be tough getting an accurate estimate for your car from an auto dealer. With Crown Eurocars, you'll never have that problem. By leveraging Kelley Blue Book's 90 years of market research and car-pricing experience, our trade-in calculator is optimally designed to provide you with an estimate you can trust.

Start by entering basic information about your vehicle including its year, make, model, style, engine, powertrain and mileage. This lets us know exactly what you've been driving and how much wear your vehicle has sustained. Then select the features, color and condition your vehicle is in, so we can accurately compare it against similar vehicles. Complete the process by telling us what vehicle you're interested in trading for and providing us with some basic contact information. Shortly after you've done that, a helpful representative from our finance center will contact you to discuss available opportunities. Thank you for using the Crown Eurocars trade-in calculator.

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